Outswing Casement Aluminum Windows - Series 5300

Outswing Casement Aluminum Windows - Series 5300


5300 CW-40 is an AAMA CW-PG40-C rated casement window.

5300 CW-60 is an AAMA CW-PG60-C rated casement window.

5300 CW-90 is an AAMA CW-PG90-C rated casement window.


w/ 1/4 Lam X 1/8 A
w/ 1/4 Lam X 1/8 A
w/ 1/4 Lam X 1/8 A

1 Structural Wind Load •2 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient •3 Visible Transmittance

Frame Construction & Materials

6063-T5 Alloyed aluminum with butt cut fabrication and stainless steel screw fasteners.

2 3/8" thermally broken frame depth with double wall construction: Gerkin uses a thermally broken frame and sash for improved thermal efficiency.

Reinforced power crimped sash corners: All sash corners are reinforced with two engineered corner keys which are hydraulically crimped, creating a corner built to last for years of trouble free operation.

Four standard colors: Gerkin stocks organic painted finishes in white and bronze as well as anodic finishes of clear anodized and dark bronze anodized. Custom paint and anodized finishes are available.


4-bar friction hinge: Four bar heavy-duty friction hinges will provide easy operation and tension adjustments. Washability and egress hinges are available for roto operation or push/pull manual operation.

Truth maxim roto operators: Gerkin eliminates the complaints of hard operating casements by offering extra cranking power and a low gear for smooth trouble free operation. Our gear teeth are close together, which removes extra play in an open sash and reduces the likelihood of damage.


Truth maxim multi-point progressive lock: This 3-point lock system is very forgiving with a wide operating tolerance. The use of secondary locks is no longer needed. The weather seal received from the system is incredibly tight.

Weather & Climate Control

Sash overlaps frame: Gerkin provides two compression seals on every sash and then overlaps the frame of the window with one of the seals. This design allows Gerkin to have one of the tightest windows available.

Glass and Glazing

Insulated Glass: Overall glass thickness options are 5/8" or 1". Gerkin offers several stocked glass options as well as numerous special order options.


Rhino Accessory Options: Gerkin offers complete subframe and panning systems, nail fins, snap trims, sill-flashing strap anchors, stacking frames, structural mullions, mullion covers and factory applied extension jambs.

Other options: Gerkin offers a louver system with a blank-off panel for PTAK units. Casements are available in vertical or horizontal multiwindow common frame configurations.

Extruded screen frames: Gerkin uses extrusions on all Rhino screen frames instead of lightweight roll form aluminum. Extruded screens are much more durable and save money in replacement costs.

About Gerkin Windows & Doors - Quality since 1932

Our primary focus has been to manufacture energy saving window and door products. Throughout our history we have established ourselves as an innovator in the design and manufacturing capability of insulated windows and doors.

Stringent product testing and innovative design has allowed our products to evolve as market and consumer needs change. In the winter of 1989-90 we started to conceptualize and design our Rhino Commercial Aluminum window and door series. Today we have several commercial window styles in the Rhino line. This window and door series consists of a commercial horizontal slider, casement, single hung, double hung, hopper, awning, fixed and patio door. Each Rhino window reflects the design and manufacturing expertise we've implemented over the years. We also publish our AAMA test results to back up our claims of product performance and quality.

Our website at www.gerkin.com offers AutoCAD details of window drawings and written specifications for architectural use. The Gerkin estimating department offers quoting and shop drawing services. Distributor catalogs are also available for over the counter quoting and architectural detail referral.

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