Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Together Equals Better at the “New” Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Georgia-Pacific LLC’s acquisition of Temple-Inland Building Products has joined together two of the longest-tenured and most successful companies in the building products industry.

While acquisitions are always about size – more plants, more employees, more revenue – our purchase of Temple-Inland Building Products truly makes us a better company.

More Products

Continuing to serve as our company’s foundation is the extensive range of award-winning Dens® family of fiberglass mat products. And now our combined company has assembled the best-of-the-best: optimizing gypsum product recipes in order to enhance the broader portfolio to better serve the needs of our customers. Today, the “new” Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has more UL-approved fire-rated assemblies, a growing family of lightweight products and three new members of the paper-faced ToughRock® gypsum board family – namely, sheathing, shaftliner and soffit boards.

Supply Assurance

By adding 40 percent more capacity through the integration of key Temple-Inland Building Products manufacturing plants and logistics assets, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has the broad, national footprint that enables supply continuity across the United States and Canada, offering customers of premium gypsum products more peace of mind than ever before.

Improved Customer Service

Products are important. And supply is critical. But it is people who have built the stellar reputations of Georgia-Pacific Gypsum. And now, thanks to our integration with Temple-Inland Building Products, we have added 350 of the industry’s finest and most experienced employees to our roles. Today, a total of 2,000 trusted employees – with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry – are available to better serve our thousands of customers.

To learn more about the Georgia-Pacific Gypsum integration, visit; or call1-800-225-6119.

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