George Koch Sons LLC

George Koch Sons LLC

Koch is the leading thermal/acoustic building system producer with decades of innovation and expertise. The Koch modular interlocking pre-fabricated steel panel is the industries gold standard. Our comprehensive range of products serve both the industrial/commercial acoustics and the industrial/commercial oven markets.

Within the acoustics industry, products range from community noise control barriers, quiet rooms for product quality audits, machinery sound reduction enclosures, in-plant acoustical personnel/control rooms and aluminum sound absorption panels used in power modules.


Koch Panel Products is organized within George Koch Sons, LLC, a subsidiary of Koch Enterprises, Inc., which dates back to 1873. Koch modular thermal panels were originally developed in the 1930s for large paint-drying and curing ovens by the Koch Industrial Paint Finishing Division.

Koch Enterprises has grown from a small tin shop in 1873 to a diversified corporation with 3,000 employees and a manufacturing area of more than a million square feet. Throughout the past century, the company’s reputation has not only been based on the quality workmanship of trained and experienced craftsmen but also on a tradition of excellence since1873.

George Koch Sons LLC

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George Koch Sons LLC


George Koch Sons is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company


  • Acoustical Barriers
  • Acoustical Enclosures
  • Personnel Enclosures
  • Acoustical Doors
  • Sounds Absorption Panels

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