Florian Solar Products

Florian Solar Products

The Advantage of using Florian:

In a word, superior. We have been one of the industry's leading companies for 75 years. Florian has built our reputation in the industry by taking on difficult jobs that others refused. Throughout the industry Florian is recognized by builders and architects as the innovative leader in architectural glass enclosures. Florian offers a pre-fabricated fully designed structure that gives you superior design, superior materials, and superior performance.

Feature after feature, our structures standards show up as costly options in other brands. With a wide range of standard sizes to choose from, plus unlimited custom design capability. All backed by a company with 70 years of architectural experience.

Florian’s Goals

We hope to make solar panels more popular by adding more options to the consumer market. In addition to solving problems that some may find with Architectural Review Boards, space issues, roof angles, etc. You now have options to place panels not just on your roof but in your backyard, over your deck, in the driveway, as a skylight, or over a walkway, etc. We want to make solar panels as common place as a deck on a home. We feel this can be done by making them more aesthetically pleasing with more uses and applications.

Florian Solar Products
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