Fingersafe USA, Inc.

Fingersafe USA, Inc.

Finger Protection for the Hinged Side of Doors

With some 300,000 reported incidents of amputated, mutilated or damaged fingers in doors per year, Fingersafe designed products to specifically prevent fingers from being damaged at the dangerous hinged end of doors. Having identified the need in the market, Fingersafe products are now accepted nationally and internationally as a world leader in door safety. Since 1996, Fingersafe has provided a simple, seamless door safety system designed for commercial use.

Made in the USA, Fingersafe is retrofitted to existing doors, weatherproof, and is UL approved with a 4-hour fire door rating. Fingersafe is compatible with all types of standard hinged doors. Specific uses include: schools and other educational facilities, childcare and healthcare centers, homes for the elderly and infirm as well as residential use. It is commercially specified for restaurants, fast food outlets, as well as government and military buildings.

Safety and durability are primary benefits provided by Fingersafe. Unlike an inferior finger shield or wrap around device, Fingersafe is aesthetically pleasing: the MK1A lies flat against the frame unobtrusively when the door is closed.

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