Endicott Clay Products Co.

Endicott Clay Products Co.


A Proud and Innovative History

Endicott Clay Products Co. was founded in 1920 in Endicott, Nebraska. This manufacturing facility produced Rose and Buff face brick and structural tile. In 1971 a very aggressive expansion program was initiated with the construction of its first tunnel kiln and automated handling equipment. A second tunnel kiln was added in 1978 to double production. This was followed in 1979 with the construction of a tile plant to produce ½" floor tile and thin brick. In 1988 a third tunnel kiln was built along with fully automated handling equipment as a separate manufacturing plant, all designed to add product diversity and production flexibility. A second tile plant was also part of this expansion phase. 1996-1997 brought the construction of a roller hearth kiln to produce ceramic glazed face brick, tile, and thin brick.

Endicott Clay Products Company Today

Today Endicott Clay Products Co. and Endicott Tile LLC offer the Architectural community and the construction industry the widest variety of product available from a single manufacturing operation. This varied product line consists of over 40 colors, 10 textures, and 50 sizes. Included are complete lines of architectural and residential face brick, the largest array of architectural pavers available in the industry, numerous floor tile options, and a full line of thin brick. These many products are available in colors ranging from Buff, Rose, Red, and Burgundy, to the most complete line of authentic Ironspot earthtones in Buffs, Browns, Plums, and Black as well as sandface and engobe finishes.

Design Flexibility

Unique design opportunity is afforded with Endicott’s capability of producing a vast array of Special Shapes to carry out any architectural imagining. A further design offering is afforded with Endicott’s handcrafted Brick Murals, with over 900 Murals having been sculpted and installed throughout the United States and in several foreign countries. Custom engraved or embossed name brick and pavers are also available from Endicott.

Technical and Sales Support

Endicott products are distributed nationally and internationally through direct sales and a national network of dealers and distributors. These sales efforts are complimented with high quality product literature, samples and display aids. Technical service, test reports, and specification documentation is provided.

A complete Architectural Specification Binder is available through our dealer/distribution network or directly from our headquarters. Included are color pictorials of outstanding projects throughout the United States as well as full size color photos of our various product colors/textures.

Architects prefer Endicott Clay Products Co.

Endicott has had the good fortune of providing product on many prestigious, high visibility projects throughout the United States. Please do not hesitate to inquire about Endicott projects in your area. Architects nationwide commonly select Endicott products to supplement their designs. The fact that face brick, pavers, tile, and thin brick are available in matching, or naturally contrasting and/or complimentary colors, offers the architect a myriad of selections to carry out their design creations.

Complete information is provided in this electronic presentation factually, and visually presents these products for consumption and use for all of the design and construction industry.


Endicott Clay Products Co. is a member of the following organizations:

  • Brick Industry Association—BIA
  • National Brick Research Center
  • American Society of Testing and Materials—ASTM
  • American Ceramic Society—ACS
  • Tile Council of America—TCA
  • Precast Concrete Institute—PCI
  • Tilt-Up Concrete Institute—TCI

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