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EPIC Metals

Product Presentation

Since 1968, EPIC Metals Corporation has offered the architectural community a broad range of structural roof and composite floor deck ceiling systems, available in a wide variety of appearance and acoustical options. Specifying EPIC systems allows the entire structure to be open and exposed, defining the building envelope while highlighting the ceiling and permitting natural light to enter through window walls. An extensive array of features and aesthetics contributes to unlimited architectural freedom to create a structure that is characteristically distinct.


EPIC systems can be used for a variety of projects including Airport Terminals, Arenas, Art Galleries, Atriums, Canopies, Convention Centers, Gymnasiums, Libraries, Museums, Natatoriums, Shopping Malls, Transit Stations, and more.


  • Acoustics: Noise Reduction Coefficients ratings up to 1.00
  • Appearance: Clean, open look
  • Economy: Lightweight system is easily installed
  • Strength: Clear spans from 8-55 feet
  • Versatility: Grid hanging system and hidden roofing system fasteners

Materials Used

EPIC specialty long-span roof and floor deck ceiling systems are composed of galvanized or galvanized and prime-painted steel. A variety of finish options are available for specific applications.

EPIC Metals

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