Down To Earth by Ironrock

Down to Earth® by Ironrock

Ironrock, Brick and Tile Makers since 1866


Ironrock celebrates over 130 years of ceramics manufacturing. Ironrock is a fifth generation family owned ceramic tile manufacturing company located in Canton, Ohio, U.S.A. Canton based Ironrock continues to take the lead in providing quality ceramic tile products for a variety of applications. With over 100 years of experience, Ironrock has built a reputation for a commitment to quality manufacturing and customer service. And, being a mid-sized family owned company means there is a dedication to and pride in manufacturing the best possible product.

Product Presentation

Down to Earth by Ironrock is a product line of Metropolitan Ceramics. Down to Earth is an unglazed quarry tile product with textured surface options. Down to Earth is available in a number of contemporary and traditional textures, colors and sizes. The tiles are all 'flashed' in the kiln for a natural random color variation from tile to tile. The appeal of the Down to Earth product line is the combination of a design aesthetic with the rugged durability associated with standard Metropolitan quarry tile.


For interior and exterior applications in any climate. Down to Earth is slip resisting and will perform well in areas of heavy traffic.


Down to Earth is available in four natural earth tone colors, three textures, and three sizes. Colors are available in any size. Each size has a distinct texture. Sizes include nominal 4" × 8", 6" × 9", and nominal 4" × 12". All tiles are 1/2" thick.


Down to Earth is a good alternative to paver brick in areas where the installation of paver brick is not the best option. With the proper preparation Down to Earth can be installed over a concrete surface. Down to Earth installs using standard tile installation methods. Once installed Down to Earth has the look and durability of paver bricks. Down to Earth can also be installed indoors – as tile – for a continuity of design from exterior to interior applications. Down to Earth works well anywhere a durable floor covering is needed.

Performance Capabilities

Down to Earth meets all the specifications for quarry tile and has a Static Coefficient of Friction of 0.80 dry and 0.70 wet at time of manufacture.

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