Crown Industrial

Crown Industrial

For more than 30 years, Crown Industrial has provided complete door systems for industrial and commercial applications. Our engineers are known for meeting the challenge. We can provide complete door systems, shop drawings and specifications. Let our experienced engineers simplify your project.

We also can supply any individual component; door hardware, doors, or electric operators for doors & gates. From the simpliest projects to the most complex, we would like to help.

In 1991, Crown Industrial proudly announced the acquisition of the Richards-Wilcox Aut-o-doR Electric Operator Division. Crown continues the 60-year tradition of Richards-Wilcox in manufacturing Industrial Door and Gate Operators in the very same manner. We offer the heaviest duty operators available on the market today. We stress SIMPLICITY, INTEGRITY AND RELIABILITY. We also offer control packages of any sophistication.

We specialize in:

  • Barn or Zoo Door Hardware
  • Industrial Hardware for Sliding, Swinging and Folding Doors
  • Custom Wood Barn and Winery Doors
  • Custom Steel Frame Doors, with Panels of Steel Plate, Wood or Glass
  • Telescoping, Curved Doors
  • Industrial Operators for:
    • Slide-fold Doors
    • Sally-port Doors and Gates for high security situations
    • Sliding Doors and Gates
    • Swinging Doors and Gates
    • Telescoping Doors, Straight or Curved
    • X-Ray and Lead Doors
    • Vertical Lift Doors and Gates

Crown Industrial
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