Crawford Creek Lumber Ltd.

Crawford Creek Lumber Ltd.

Crawford Creek Lumber Ltd.

We are the world’s most ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS, family owned timber trading company. Learn more about the world‘s best cedar.

“I believe that all business can be conducted in a manner respectful to the customer as well as the environment.” Charlene Crawford, President

Crawford Creek Lumber Ltd.

WHY B.C. Wood is Better

British Columbia does not use any genetically modified or genetically engineered trees. Its seed and seedlings come from natural wild stands or seed orchards that promote desirable traits from natural stands.

Now more than ever the world is demanding products that put the environment first.

Crawford Creek Lumber Ltd.

Our Commitment to You

RENEWABLE RESOURCES have been used, where possible.

Only RECYCLED PAPER products are used by Crawford Creek's head office.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC ingredients have and used, and continue to be sought out to replace non-certified organic ingredients.

Packaging materials have been simplified to REDUCE LANDFILL WASTE, and have been selected for their ability to be washed out and re-used by the consumer for other purposes.

To push for higher standards and better regulations in the hopes of minimizing the impact of our global footprint.

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