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Bayblend® MTR - Bayblend® MTR

Bayblend® MTR

Model: Bayblend® MTR

Bayblend sheet is an extruded thermoplastic product made by Coverstro meets the new Docket 90-A flammability requirements in the rail industry for interior parts. It is extremely fabrication friendly and thermoforms with faster cycle times versus that of most comparable materials. Bayblend® MTR Sheet complies with all the flammability and smoke emission requirements for transit materials established by the US Federal Transit Administration, is listed in Docket 90-A, and meets the criteria in the Bombardier Transportation Standard SMP 800-C for Toxic Gas Generation. Bayblend® MTR has superior mechanical properties, including rigidity, strength, and impact resistance. It has a low specific gravity which, along with its increased rigidity, allows for down-gauging, and overall weight reduction and material savings. Bayblend® MTR sheet is resistant to typical cleaning chemicals and can be laminated with protective and decorative films. It is available in multiple textures and colors. Applications include thermoformed seat parts, window surrounds, and ceiling panels.

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