For over 60 years, Construction Specialties has introduced most of the significant advancements in building ventilation technology and has always been on the leading edge of design and performance.

Storm Resistant Louvers

Developed to resist water penetration from wind driven rain. 20 times more effective at stopping rain than conventional louvers. Tested on BSRIA, HEVAC, and AMCA wind driven rain test standards.

Hurricane Resistant Louvers

Dade County Approved consisting of a combination of louvers or grilles, supports, missile protection screens, operating dampers, wind driven rain protection modules and/or blank-off panels.

Drainable Louvers

Drainable louvers reduce water penetration from non-wind driven rain. These louvers have blades with one or more gutters to direct water to vertical down spouts in the louver jambs and mullions.

Non-Drainable Louvers

Economical, Non-Drainable extruded aluminum or formed metal louvers should be used in applications where ventilation is important and water penetration is unlikely to occur.

Acoustical Louvers

Fixed, operating and dual combination acoustical models are used to decrease the transmission of sound while still allowing ventilation. The 12” deep model 12350 offers maximum noise reduction.

Operating Louvers

Operating louvers that control the amount of air through a louver are available with either 45 degree or 90 degree operating blades. Dual combination louvers provide a fixed louver appearance.

Miscellaneous Louvers

C/S miscellaneous louvers include: Penthouses, Insulated Louvers, and Brick/Block Vents. Penthouses are available in custom sizes with any C/S Louver model.

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