Chutes International

Chutes International

WE ARE CHUTES! Whether it be external steel or plastic, internal laundry, trash or recycling or the accompanying necessities such as compactors, baggers, containers, odor control for the trash room…WE ARE CHUTES!

Our Mission

Our goal is to produce a quality product at a reasonable rate and to provide each customer with exemplary service. We’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to deliver complete satisfaction to each and every customer.

Our History

Since 1989 we’ve led the industry in safety, new product development, product improvement, customer education, training and support.

While we’ve grown in product line, personnel and territory since our start in 1989, we’ve remained dedicated and determined to keep a ‘family feel’ to our company. Our customers, our employees, our vendors, our reps…are all of vital importance to CHUTES!

Technology is a tool we use eagerly – to improve quality, speed processes, aid in communications and provided added services for our customers – but it remains a tool, as our preferred method of doing business remains face-to-face, or phone-to-phone, as need be.

We started with our heavy-duty steel chutes, added durable plastic chutes to the mix a few years later, then moved into internal chutes, compactors, service, odor control, and more. Who KNOWS what will be next? We remain flexible and eager to meet our customer’s demands and needs! Our “one stop shop” for chutes makes contracting, purchasing and relationship building easier for you.

Our Affiliations

CHUTES International is proud to partner and actively participate with the very best professionals, experts, associations, and leading organizations in the industry.

Get In Touch

We want to help you on your next project. Whether your project is large or small, contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading solutions!

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