Campbellsville Industries, Inc.

Campbellsville Industries, Inc.

Why Purchase A Campbellsville Steeple?


Campbellsville Industries is the leader in steeple and cupola fabrication, having over 14,000 installations scattered throughout the 50 United States, Canada, and at least 6 foreign countries. We have been in business 49 years and pioneered the prefabricated steeple. A prefabricated steeple allows us to control the materials and working environment to insure only the best quality of steeple construction, using our trained artisans.


Campbellsville uses only premium quality materials. The majority of our steeples and cupolas are fabricated from a structural aluminum angle and aluminum tube framework—there is no wood or plastics to rot, crack, yellow or deteriorate. The larger steeples incorporate a steel tube substructure to accommodate the larger size of the steeple and the wind loads imposed upon same.

The exterior can be clad in a variety of metals and finishes. Many choose the time honored .032” aluminum with a stock baked-on Kynar finish, using your choice from any of our stock Kynar finishes. We can also provide non-stock Kynar finishes at slightly additional cost. Steeples can also be clad in self-weathering metals such as 20 oz. mill finished copper, terne-coated stainless steel, Altrista Zinc, or lead coated copper.


Our steeples and cupolas have riveted and bolted connections in the structural members, with welding of the secondary architectural members. The tower structures are trussed diagonally, horizontally, and vertically throughout the height of the unit where possible. The unit will be designed if possible to be delivered in one piece, and hold sections to a minimum.

Design Help:

Campbellsville has full-service design department with draftsmen that will assist you in planning your anchor details and after the order, provide you with detailed shop drawings for your approval before fabrication begins.


Campbellsville has an engineer on staff and can assist you in wind loading calculations, weights, and full engineering design and calculations. We can provide an engineer’s stamp on your final shop drawings, in most states when required for a fee. Please indicate if this will be required before shop drawings begin.


Campbellsville has 5 trained and experienced road crews that travel over 500,000 miles annually installing and servicing our products. Your steeple or cupola is delivered on our own specially designed trucks. We do not send our products to common carriers as some do.


There is no divided responsibility with a Campbellsville Industries steeple or cupola. The purchaser does not have to worry about making a wrong cut, damaging the unit trying to get it on the roof, or the unit not fitting the roof slope. Each person on Campbellsville’s trained installation crew average 15 years in this specialty field, and are fully insured while on the jobsite. Each job is professionally installed correctly.


If there is a need for service, one of our installation crews can be sent by your site for an inspection and/or service if needed.

Find out for yourself, why Campbellsville is the full-service company that design professionals the world over call: "The Steeple People".

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