CENTRIA Architectural Systems

CENTRIA produces the world's most comprehensive line of metal building products for architectural, commercial and industrial applications. Our wall, roof and floor systems provide exceptional design freedom and better cost effectiveness than is possible with virtually any other type of building material. Plus, CENTRIA's single-source responsibility offers you the metal building products you need and customized service to meet all your needs.

CENTRIA Services:

CENTRIA'S unsurpassed design, engineering and sales support is backed by a century of experience. We offer you:

  • Architectural and structural engineering services at any phase of your project
  • Sales service teams committed to total customer satisfaction
  • Product selection and cost estimating expertise
  • Design and engineering assistance for standard and custom designs
  • Development of details and specifications
  • Consulting on substrates, coatings and colors
  • Thermal and structural analyses
  • Nationwide and international sales and distribution networks

Details and Specifications at Your Fingertips

We know your time is valuable and that being able to get complete, up-to-date product information quickly and easily is important to your success. That's why we built CENTRIA.com for you.

Visit CENTRIA.com for:

  • Product and service information
  • CAD drawings, load tables and specifications
  • A chat with a CENTRIA product specialist
  • Video product samples
  • Case studies
  • Photo project gallery

Or become a registered member of eCENTRIA portal

For professionals only, and fully customizable to suit your browsing preferences. Access these Extras:

  • Downloadable digital files including AutoCAD
  • Technical documents
  • Detailed product specifications

CENTRIA Products:

  • Formawall® Dimension Series® Factory Foamed Metal Panel Systems
  • Formawall® Graphix Series™
  • Formavue® Integrated Window Systems
  • MetalWrap™ Insulated Composite Backup Panel System
  • Versapanel® Factory Foamed Insulated Wall and Roof Panel System
  • Versawall® Factory Foamed Insulated Wall Panel System
  • Profile Series – IW Series Concealed Fastener Panels
  • Profile Series – Concept Series® Concealed Fasterner Panels
  • Profile Series – Exposed Fastener Panels
  • EcoScreen® Perforated Screenwall
  • Profile Series Design Options
  • FormaBond® Metal Composite Wall System
  • FormaBond®II Metal Composite Wall System
  • SRS® Structural Standing Seam Roof Systems
  • SolarCrest™ Solar Roof Systems
  • CENTRIA Special Requirements Products
  • Coating Systems and Substrates

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