Big Ass Solutions

Big Ass Solutions

Big Ass Solutions designs, manufactures and installs energy-efficient ceiling fans and LED light fixtures for industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential settings. Founded in 1999 as the HVLS Fan Company — for high volume, low speed — the company soon changed its name to Big Ass Fans at the suggestion of customers. In 2014, the company added its Big Ass Light division and launched Haiku Home in 2016 for its growing line of connected residential products. Big Ass Solutions has built its reputation on going above and beyond, both with quality products and customer service.

Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans are designed, scrupulously tested, manufactured and then tested again. The results are fans that lead the industry in efficiency, warranties and long-lasting performance. And with the availability of smart technology like SenseME and SmartSense, they’re also the smartest. Big Ass Fans are found everywhere including manufacturing plants, distribution centers, dairy barns, stables, arenas, stadiums, the sets of your favorite television shows, churches, restaurants, fitness centers, zoos and homes.

Big Ass Fans use carefully engineered motors and airfoils inspired by airplane wings to provide comfort, superior air circulation and energy savings year round. Reaching up to 24 feet in diameter, the fans create a consistent circulation pattern that cools in summer, works with the furnace in winter, and provides fresh air throughout a space in every season.

The energy savings from Big Ass Fans are significant. During cooling seasons, the fan speed can be increased to create a cooling effect of up to 10°F (5.6°C). The air movement allows facility managers to increase their air conditioning setpoints by several degrees while keeping occupants comfortable. Energy savings of 3-5 percent per degree are typical. Conversely, during heating seasons the fan can be slowed so that the air continues to mix, moving hotter air at the ceiling gently down to occupant level without causing a draft. This keeps occupants comfortable and reduces heating costs up to 30 percent. Generally speaking, the higher the ceiling the larger the savings.

The energy savings and thermal comfort provided by increased air movement have become an important focus in building efficiency and energy conservation. ASHRAE Standard 55 highlights the impact of elevated air speed on thermal comfort. When integrated into new building designs, air movement allows for reduced air conditioning capacity and ductwork, which opens up ceiling space as well as budgets with the significant cost savings.

Big Ass Light

Since 2014, Big Ass Light has been lighting up the industry with its bright, long-lived, maintenance-free LEDs. Customers love the lights because of their brilliant consistency and coverage. Whether installed in warehouses, factories, firehouses, garages, offices or gyms, customers consistently describe the difference they make as “night and day.” With Big Ass Light, there are no dark corners, no more waiting while they warm up to full brightness and no more replacing burnt-out bulbs. There’s a Big Ass LED fixture for every purpose; with occupancy sensors and other options including color temperature and light direction, their potential uses are unlimited.

Haiku Home

In 2012, Big Ass Fans introduced the Haiku ceiling fan, which has since won more than 50 design and technology awards, to homeowners around the world. Two years later, the company automated personal comfort with SenseME Technology.

In 2016, a new division within Big Ass Solutions was launched with the goal of transforming the home through cutting-edge technology, iconic design and effortless conservation. Haiku Home has expanded the Haiku brand to include connected LED fixtures and a connected wall control. These products can be paired wirelessly to work together, operating automatically and saving energy effortlessly. This convenience and interoperability is key to Haiku Home's longer-term mission, which includes the development of a connected HVAC system that can work with its line of fans to significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed by home heating and cooling systems.

We’re here to help

Our Big Ass experts include applications engineers who are eager to discuss and assist with any project needs. Big Ass Solutions also employs more than 55 LEED® accredited professionals who can help make your building more efficient. It’s easy to schedule a “Lunch and Learn” for CE credits, too. For more information, call us at 877-BIG-FANS (855-798-5060) or go to

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