Biesanz Stone Company

Biesanz Stone Company

The past, present and future of limestone

With more than 100 years of time tested performance and experience, Biesanz Stone Company has been a leader in commercial limestone and natural stone panel applications throughout the country. Our high quality offerings, proven product performance, engineering and technical expertise, along with unmatched customer service have made us a trusted supplier and resource within the construction industry.

Biesanz MDL (Minnesota Dolomite Limestone) is exceptionally hard and durable (qualifies as a Class III marble), and is available in a variety of colors including light cream to buff, light grey to bone, and light gold to yellow tones – depending on the desired finish. The beauty and strength of MDL has made it a popular choice for a variety of facility types throughout the United States including healthcare, churches, higher education, banking and insurance.

Our prefabricated Natural Stone Panels have been in use for more than 25 years, providing an alternative to manufactured concrete (precast) and handset masonry products. Our panel system consists of a fabricated natural stone exterior panel – Biesanz MDL or any stone of your choice – that is attached to the structural frame of the building. Natural Stone Panels can be installed on the jobsite in a fraction of the time required to construct handset masonry walls. Visit our Sweets product page for more information on our Natural Stone Panels.

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