Beacon Industries, Inc.

Beacon Industries, Inc.

Since 1949, the Beacon Brand has been serving dealers, architects, specifiers, designers, builders and buyers for commercial, industrial and government material handling equipment projects.

In the beginning, Beacon started specializing in shipping and loading systems, cargo handlers, hydraulic dock levelers, scissor lifts and palletizers. Since then, Beacon has widened its inventory to include many types of engineering equipment, building construction equipment and other special industrial material handling equipment. Beacon has grown into a fully diversified ergonomic material handling equipment company, including logistical science.

Beacon provides product brand, technology and science solutions to material handling dealers, architects, specifiers, designers, builders and buyers for commercial, industrial and government projects. Ergonomic material handling equipment includes cranes, drum handling equipment and lift tables. Loading dock equipment includes dock barricades, dock door seals, dock levelers, dock lights, trailer jack stands, truck restraints, wheel chocks, truck risers and yard ramps. Additional material handling equipment includes carts, hoppers, hydraulic box dumpers, pallet equipment, pallets, packaging equipment, portable product lifts and storage racks. Bollards, guard rails and other safety products are included to provide the protection required in system procedures. Beacon’s logistical science includes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Positioning Systems(GPS) with cellular technology for real time visibility inventory indexing. All include the encompassing solution. Most businesses have a clear need for at least one type of material handling equipment. Many businesses couldn’t operate at anywhere near peak efficiency without many different types of such equipment. Take few minutes to read the following, which will provide you with concise information concerning products that can easily save you money and enable your business to operate more effectively.

Loading Dock Equipment

Loading dock equipment is designed to help make a company's dock area more efficient, safer or both. Important dock-area safety equipment includes truck restraints, wheel chocks and trailer jack stands, all of which work to prevent potentially serious injuries. Dock door seals and dock-area fans help to reduce dock-area utility costs. Dock bumpers significantly reduce accident-caused damage to docks as well as to trucks.

Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are designed to absorb the shock from trucks being inadvertently rammed into loading docks. These rubber bumpers, which are virtually maintenance-free, dramatically reduce incidences of loading dock accident damage both to docks as well as to trucks.

Dock Door Seals

Dock door seals reducing utility costs by keeping weather elements from entering a building through its dock doors. Loading dock seals also keep out dust and bugs and assist in dock-area theft protection.

Dock Levelers

Loading dock levelers adjust for height differences between a truckplatform and the loading dock bed. Hydraulic dock levelers also operated very efficiently as loading ramps in instances when a truck bed cannot be brought flush with a dock.

Dock Lights

Loading dock lights provide vital directional signaling and important added visibility in loading dock areas. Dock-area fans and blowers provide increased employee comfort and also reduce energy costs.

Truck Restraints

Dock truck restraints ensure that parked trucks remain absolutely stationary while being loaded and unloaded. These mechanical trucks restraints prevent rollaway trucks and trailer creep, both of which can be very potentially hazardous.

Dock Door Automation: RFID & GPS Inventory Control

RFID Radio Frequency Identification Dock Door Automation is designed for real time visibility at the dock door. Inventory control process is achieved without the human element.

Protective Barriers

Protective barriers can assist in saving lives, prevent injuries and protect property from damage. This vital safety equipment includes outdoor-use products such as car stop curbs and speed bumps along with indoor-use equipment such as rack guards and column protectors. Highly versatile barrier equipment such as various guard rail and bollard models are provide excellent protection both outside and inside. Products such as machine guards and structural rack protectors are especially efficient at protecting indoor property from forklift damage.


Steel guards and bollards safeguard machinery and people from improperly driven vehicles. Pipe bollards feature high visibility to alert drivers to potential hazards as well as ample sturdiness to physically block vehicles.

Guard Rails

Guard rails protect workers and the public from becoming injured and property from becoming damaged by vehicle impacts. Safety railing can be configured to protect equipment of any size and is highly efficient for safeguarding machinery, valuable inventory, water mains and electrical panels.

Safety Products

Beacon safety products and safety equipment are designed to protect workers, the public and/or equipment. In addition to physical protection, some of these products, such as safety signs and warning signs are designed to quickly communicate the proximity of possible safety hazards. These safety products and equipment include traffic cones, expand-a-gates, crowd control interlocking barriers, portable gates and stainless steel railings.

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