Armorlon, Division of Reef Industries, Inc.

Armorlon, Division of Reef Industries, Inc.

About Reef Industries

Does your project specify wet curing control? The American Concrete Institute recommends maintaining a satisfactory moisture content for the best concrete curing results. Lack of sufficient moisture during the curing process can cause cracking, dusting, scaling and crazing. Transguard 4000 provides an effective way to maintain appropriate moisture levels during curing. No company is better able to support your efforts than Reef Industries, the pioneer and industry leader in reinforced laminates and composites for concrete curing control and vapor retarder applications.

Armorlon products offer the durability and strength of canvas but possess the flexibility and ease of handling of a far lighter material. Specifically designed for projects involving sandblasting, painting or other activities requiring secure containment, Armorlon will handle the toughest working environment. Transguard 4000 and N-SL-PK are concrete curing control materials for both field and pre-cast applications. Armorlon, where value and performance go hand in hand.

Reef manufacturing and fabrication encompasses a host of different production processes, equipment and machinery housed in three plants.

The foundation of all Reef products is film. Extruded via the most advanced technology and equipment available, films are formulated to possess performance characteristics necessary to a broad spectrum of downstream products. Intermediate conversions such as lamination, printing, slitting, coating and treating take place in preparation for finished goods fabrication. Fusion welding, heat sealing, sewing and a variety of special or proprietary techniques take place in two modern fabrication plants and produce finished goods for a diverse array of industries.

Reef Industries Inc. offers the most experienced and capable sales staff in the industry. Among our sales managers exist nearly 120 years experience with Reef and an average tenure of more than 10 years. That kind of stability says something about a company and how it serves its customers. We're proud of our reputation and hope to share that experience with you.

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