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MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble Balustrades

MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble Balustrades

MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble Balustrades

In engineering the innovative MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble Balustrade system, Melton Classics has combined state of the art materials to provide Maintenance Free classic balustrade designs with the substantial look and feel of marble and reduced weight for elevated applications.

Impeccable Quality Balustrades

The quality of Melton Classics MarbleTex™ Balustrades is evident at first sight. Our proprietary manufacturing process gives MarbleTex™ Balustrades the feel and appearance of stone and allows the creation of a balustrade with a uniformly finely textured surface without the numerous casting voids, pits and unsightly casting seams found on many other balustrade products.

Maintenance Free Synthetic Marble Balustrade Systems

MarbleTex™ Balustrade products are hand crafted from our innovative maintenance free MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble with integral coloration that requires no painting or sealants. Our exclusive MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble is an integrally pigmented powdered marble and polymer composition enhanced with UV protection. MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble has a very low (.0001) moisture absorption rate which eliminates spalling caused by severe winters and reduces mildew thereby maintaining its beautiful appearance. Cast as standard in our beautiful Classic White Synthetic Stone, or in premium colors such as Limestone, Sandstone or Buff.

Reduced Weight Balustrade

Our exclusive manufacturing process allows the weight of MarbleTex™ Balustrades to be reduced while providing the rich look and substantial feel and texture of natural stone. Reduced weight makes MarbleTex™ Balustrades ideal for elevated applications such as balconies, stairs and rooftop applications where the beauty of maintenance free stone is desired and the excessive weight of many heavier balustrade systems would necessitate costly additional framing or steel structural supports.

Simple and Inexpensive Balustrade Installation

MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble Balustrades also are easily installed without costly specialized labor. In addition to not having to incur the cost and inconvenience of painting or sealing our MarbleTex™ Balustrades, our patented spring loaded steel pin connection system makes installation a snap and further reduces installation costs. Also by offering our customers rails in lengths up to 20', MarbleTex™ Balustrades can be installed with fewer newel posts lowering installation and material costs and reducing deck or roof penetrations.

Design Coordination of Columns and Balustrades

For complete coordination of your design elements Melton Classics also offers MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble Architectural Columns. Rotocast with a one piece seamless tapered shaft design from the same integrally pigmented synthetic marble as our balustrade systems, MarbleTex™ columns are load bearing, or can be split for reassembly around structural members. MarbleTex™ Columns are available in a wide variety of classical designs, and are offered in diameters from 6" to 36" and in heights from 4' to 24'. In addition, to further coordinate your architectural design other cast architectural elements can be custom manufactured in maintenance free MarbleTex™ Synthetic Marble upon request.

Please contact Melton Classics Inc. direct at 800-963-3060 for assistance with CAD drawings.

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