Danback™ Flexible Wood Backing System

Danback Flexible Wood Backing System

Product Description

Backing steel studs for the attachment of cabinets, fixtures, and handrails has always been difficult, costly and time consuming. The patented Danback™ flexible wood backing plate actually flexes around the stud and snaps in place for a snug, perfect fit. No cutting, routing or notching is required. The wood portion of Danback backers is made of Dricon® fire retardant treated wood, a code-compliant Class A material which also has an EPA-registered preservative and does not contribute to corrosion.

Danback™ Flexible Wood Backing System


  • Used as backing plate for the attachment of fixtures in conjunction with metal stud walls
  • Available in 48" sections, for 16" and 24" O.C. framing
  • Meets all specifications for commercial and residential applications
  • Reduces installation time up to 90%
  • No cutting, routing or notching required
  • Provides extra screw pull-out strength for heavy-duty backing applications for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers, institutional, and residential construction.
  • Made with Dricon® Class A fire retardant treated wood
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Available for download is a two-page information sheet with additional product details.

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