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Alfab, Inc.


A custom metal fabricator since 1970, ALFAB, Inc. provides quality fabricated carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products for customers including all branches of the Armed Forces and the Corps of Engineers as well as nuclear, marine, industrial and commercial markets. As a “job shop“, Alfab continually diversifies it’s products to meet customer requirements. A small sample of custom fabrication includes: blast deflectors for aircraft carriers, shipping and storage containers for cruise missiles, a variety of misc. metals for intercoastalwaterway lock and dam projects, and water circulating screens for nuclear power plants. Alfab can incorporate most types of cutting, punching, forming, welding and machining, to provide customers with complete products. Most types of finishes are available per customer specifications.

Alfab sells steel stair systems under it’s trade name stairco, and metal access doors under the trade name Barco .We invite your inquiries for current and future projects. Contact ALFAB, Inc. for all your metal fabrication needs!

Alfab, Inc.


Metal Access Doors

Established in 1975, Barco has a proud history of supplying metal access doors to the construction industry. Used as a means to inspect, service, and gain access to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical connections etc., BARCO doors are designed for installation in most types of wall and ceiling construction including acoustical tile, plaster, drywall, ceramic tile etc. Popular sizes are in stock for immediate shipment, and custom orders are always welcome. Raw materials are maintained so that we can meet your delivery requirements. Steel frames and door material meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM - A366, cold rolled steel. Doors are shipped with one shop coat of gray primer, or prime painted per your specifications.

UL, and Warnock Hersey listed fire rated doors are available. Non fire rated doors have several locking and hinge options. Just ask ! Contact us for the representative nearest you. Send us your inquiries today!

Alfab, Inc.



Since 1965, STAIRCO stairs have been specified for all types of multi - story buildings, making STAIRCO one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry. The STAIRCO tradition continues today with quality stairs and rails made with pride for customers through - out the United States and Puerto Rico. All types of stringer material, tread and riser designs, and all popular railing systems are available, for example: Stringers of channel, plate, tube, and combinations there - of are always available.

Tread and riser types such as metal pan for concrete fill (with or without sanitary cove), checkered plate, grating, and treads with metalized non slip surfaces are commonly supplied. Railing systems of multi - line pipe or tube, various designs of picket rails, and the popular wire mesh panel rails are all available. STAIRCO stairs are supplied to your designs and specifications, or using STAIRCO standard materials, and as always in strict accordance with NAAMM, AWS, and AISC standards. Send us your inquiries today !

Alfab, Inc.

Aluminum "Landing Mat" Portable Runway Systems

ALFAB, Inc. is a principal supplier of landing mat portable runway systems, and related components. Over 20 million pounds of landing mat have been produced by ALFAB, Inc. since 1971. Landing mats can be conveniently transported to remote locations where they can be rapidly laid over most existing subgrades with very little preparation. The mats are completely interchangeable thus providing a complete airfield.

In addition to providing a stable airfield surface, landing mat can be used for beach landings, heliports, bridge decking, heavy duty roads, and other similar applications such as flooring for relocatable shelters, tents, and hangers. Rapid Runway Repair Kits incorporate landing mat to repair bomb damaged landing fields as well as to repair worn or otherwise damaged airfields. This unique application can be invaluable in maintaining strategic airfields in wartime as well as for humanitarian operations. Landing mats are lightweight, easily assembled, and rapidly deployable, making this time proven product uniquely suited for missions worldwide.

Alfab, Inc.

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