Aero Tech Manufacturing

Aero Tech Manufacturing

Aero Tech Manufacturing Inc, is a leading producer of Radiant Ceiling Panels and system. Headquartered in metropolitan Salt lake City, Utah in a 70,000 square foot facility located minutes away from major airport and transportation centers.

Aero Tech has manufactured over a million square feet of ceiling panels. Installations include hospitals, schools, laboratories, airports, athletic facilities and office buildings.

Meeting the commercial heating needs of engineers, architects, builders and heating contractors.

Aero Tech Radiant Ceiling Panels are widely recognized for their unmatched quality of design and performance. The wide range of panels will meet most heating requirements.

Standard and custom design.

When design schemes or retrofit constraints call for uniquely shaped panels, Aero Tech's custom fabrication capabilities allow imagination to become reality. The designer may specify size and shape variations of standard panels, as well as totally customized shapes.

Aero Tech Manufacturing

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating panel systems function based on providing a comfortable environment by controlling surface temperatures and minimizing excessive air motion within the space.

Today we see radiant throughout the country. It is common these days to see radiant specified in hospitals, university buildings, public schools, government office buildings, public utility company buildings, banks, courtrooms and owner occupied office buildings. We see radiant specified in new construction as well as remodels.

Our installation list includes many thousands of sites with some new and exciting opportunities doing custom radiant heating installations such as the TKTS Project in Fr. Duffy Square in downtown NYC.

Green Technology

USGBC LEED recognizes Aero Tech Manufacturing Inc. Radiant Heating and Cooling Ceiling Panels as a compliant renewable energy source and Hydronic Radiant or WET HEAT. Radiant Ceiling panels will be specified in many of these new schools.

Aero Tech Manufacturing
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