Advance Lifts, Inc.

Advance Lifts, Inc.

Dock Equipment

Advance Lifts is a leader in the design and manufacture of engineered Dock Lifts and Truck Levelers.

Company Information

Advance Lifts was founded in 1974 and quickly became the leading dock lift manufacturer in the country. We have maintained that position through innovative design, quick deliveries and superior service. Over the years our product lines expanded to include production lift tables, tilters, turntables, dumpers and stretch wrappers, all of the same high quality as our dock lifts. Our modern 120,000 sq. ft. facility in St. Charles Illinois houses state of the art equipment and is manned by a well trained group of employees who are dedicated to providing our customers outstanding products. Our goal is to make the entire process of buying, installing, using and servicing of our products as easy and trouble free as possible for each and every one of our customers.



Advance offers the best value. Advance has invested millions of dollars in new equipment and systems to control costs and improve quality. There are three factors that determine the price of a product:

1. Equipment Design; 2. Manufacturing Cost; and 3. Component Cost. A product can be very expensive or very inexpensive because of improper design, improper manufacturing techniques or improper component selection. The price of a product does not determine its value. The most expensive product may not be the best value while the least expensive product could be the best value. Advance offers the best value.

Advance has over 28 years of experience in working with and refining its designs and manufacturing processes and offers exceptional value for the following reasons.

  • Equipment Design-Because Advance has such a broad product line, it brings a wealth of design experience to the drawing board. Each product design or improvement benefits from this broad product spectrum. Advance product designs are not hampered by tunnel vision that often occurs in companies that have restricted product lines.
  • Manufacturing Cost-Advance has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and uses the latest in ,production equipment which includes robotically fed CNC turning centers, CNC plasma burning tables, specially designed mechanical lathe welders, CNC vertical machining centers, proprietary jigs and, fixtures, conveyor and monorail systems, etc. There is no other manufacturer that can produce like products, faster and for less money than Advance and still maintain the Advance quality and value.
  • Component Cost-Besides designing new products, Advance's R&D department is constantly searching for, reviewing and testing new components that will improve product performance and reliability, while reducing costs. Because of its broad product line, Advance has gained a greater knowledge of component performance in a wider variety of applications, which makes it possible to select the component that is the best value for the job.


Advance offers the best quality. Any of the hundreds of items that go into a product can add to or detract from its quality. Advance endeavors to provide the best quality in all areas. For example:

  • Electrical-Advance is the only lift manufacturer that is a UL approved electrical controller assembler. When you get an Advance product it comes with the UL label on the entire controller assembly, not just on the components. Others charge hundreds of dollars for this feature. With Advance, it's free. That's value.
  • Mechanical-Advance is the only lift manufacturer that mills and drills its lift table legs in a one-step operation for exacting tolerances to ensure long equipment life. Others rough flame cut their legs in one operation, drill them in another operation, and then hand grind them for final fit-up in yet another operation. With Advance, you get machine tool quality lifts. That's value.
  • Hydraulic-Advance manufacturers its own industrial grade cylinders. Upper bearing blocks are made of steel, not nylon or plastic. The bearing blocks are fitted with lifetime lubricated bearings to avoid the metal-to-metal contact provided by most manufacturers. Pistons are equipped with special wear rings to preclude eccentric loading on the cylinder seals, which ensures long seal life. Cylinder rods are made from hard chrome plated stressproof steel to ensure long life and inhibit rusting. Housings are automatically welded on lathe welders and spud welders to ensure quality. With Advance you get the highest quality hydraulic cylinders in the industry. That's value.
  • Paint Finish-Advance is the only manufacturer that provides an oven baked-on paint finish. While other manufacturers use outdated air dry paint methods, Advance uses a sophisticated multi-step paint process that includes cleaning, etching, drying, inspecting, oven baked-on primer and oven baked-on paint finish. Other manufacturers would have to charge hundreds of dollars to provide the same paint finish. With Advance, it's free. That's value.


  • Lifetime lubricated bearings on rollers and pivot points to reduce maintenance costs. Hard chrome plated stressproof steel axles and pins to ensure long life and inhibit rust.
  • Larger roller wheels to handle maximum loading and ensure long equipment life.
  • Conformance to OSHA, BOCA, ANSI, UL, and NEC standards.
  • Eight standard paint colors to choose from to meet your requirements.
  • Fast deliveries to meet your needs.
  • The widest selection of equipment models in the industry to solve your specific problem.
  • The most complete service manuals, including detailed service and installation information as well as helpful
  • troubleshooting tips.
  • Website information available 24 hours a day,

Advance Lifts Parts & Labor Warranty

For a period of ONE YEAR from date of shipment from Company’s plant, the Company agrees to replace or repair, free of charge, any defective parts, material or workmanship on new equipment. This shall include electrical and hydraulic components.

For a period of TEN YEARS or 125,000 cycles (whichever occurs first) from date of shipment from Company’s plant, the Company agrees to replace or repair, free of charge, any defective structure.

Company authorization must be obtained prior to the commencement of any work. The Company reserves the right of choice between effecting repairs in the field or paying all freight charges and effecting the repairs at the Company’s plant. The Company further reserves the right of final determination in all warranty considerations. Evidence of overloading, abuse or field modification of units without Company approval shall void this warranty. No contingent liabilities accepted.

For Technical Assistance

((800) 843-3625)
Technical assistance regarding layout, planning, equipment selection and installation is available from Advance Lifts or any of its local distributor representatives. Detailed brochures are available on all Advance equipment.

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