ALPOLIC - Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America

ALPOLIC - Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America

Integrating Vision and Reality

At ALPOLIC, we’re proud to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum and metal composite materials (ACMs and MCMs). These light yet rigid panels have broadened architectural horizons, changed city skylines and inspired new aesthetic and functional achievement in building design around the globe since they were introduced three decades ago.

ALPOLIC® materials are high-quality metal composite panels manufactured in Japan, Germany and the United States. Our Chesapeake, Virginia facility began production in 1991 and is home to ALPOLIC® Materials, a division of Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America, Inc. We set the North American standard for innovation and quality and our selection of colors and finishes is unmatched. Our manufacturing, distribution and support capabilities extend worldwide, as does our commitment to your success. ALPOLIC® metal composite materials (MCM) are among the most versatile and useful architectural materials you can specify. They offer the rigidity of heavy-gauge architectural metals in a lightweight composite material, with a standard polyethylene or fire-resistant core. Choose ALPOLIC® materials, and let's build.


  • Is one of the world’s leading ACM manufacturers in the world
  • Produces a wider variety of ACM and MCM panels, for both interior and exterior applications,
  • than any other manufacturer
  • Offers an affordable fire-resistant product that sets the standard
  • Is part of Mitsubishi Chemical’s family of world-renowned companies

ALPOLIC - Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America
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