A A A RIBBON Bike Rack Co., Div. of Brandir International, Inc.

A A A RIBBON Bike Rack Co., Div. of Brandir International, Inc.

Innovation Takes Shape

The award-winning Ribbon Bike Rack. The most innovative and unique bicycle rack ever. Graceful curves of tubular steel, sculpted to fit, and enhance, any architectural setting. The Ribbon Bike Rack. Recognized by the Industrial Designers Society of America, "for its elegance and simplicity while providing maximum functional security." And recognized by architects everywhere for its striking harmony of form and function. The Ribbon Bike Rack has been accepted as part of the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

A A A RIBBON Bike Rack Co., Div. of Brandir International, Inc.

Award-Winning Design

The Ribbon Bike Rack's unusual design makes all other bicycle racks obsolete. Its open configuration saves space and keeps areas orderly. That's because the Ribbon Bike Rack holds twice as many bicycles as conventional racks in the same space. One in each bend, and one on each end. The graceful design without sharp edges or corners prevents people, especially children, from being injured. Its heavy duty, rust-proof galvanized steel makes the Ribbon Bike Rack durable, maintenance-free and weather-resistant.

Maximum Security Ribbon Bike Rack

From its aesthetic form comes the Ribbon Bike Rack's principal function -- providing maximum security for bicycles. Its heavy gauge, one-piece tubular construction makes the Ribbon Bike Rack truly theft proof and vandalproof. Its open design allows the bicycle frame and both wheels to be fastened securely and completely upright. The Ribbon Bike Rack accommodates all size bicycles. Plus, all standard locks and chains, including the popular high-security horseshoe-shaped locks, are easily attached.

Advantages of the Ribbon Bike Rack

  • Maintenance-free
  • One-piece construction
  • Vandalproof
  • Heavy duty, rust-proof galvanized steel
  • Accommodates all locks
  • Compatible in all architectural settings

  • Fits all bicycles
  • Maximum security
  • Safe- No sharp corners
    or edges to injure
  • Weather resistant
  • Space-saving
  • Reasonably priced

Important Considerations

Colors (Painting/Coating) - Painting or coating the rack will result in a maintenance problem, as no coating will withstand the abuse of bicycles. Powder coating cannot be maintenanced; an enamel finish will chip. A A A Ribbon Bike Rack Co. has the best solution where color is essential. Please see painting instructions.

Materials - Steel tubing or aluminum are not suitable materials for a bicycle rack. Pre-galvanized material will flake and crack during manufacture. A A A Ribbon Bike Rack Co. uses heavy-duty steel pipe, hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication to provide security and durability.

Manufacture - Hydraulic bending with a mandril, as used by A A A Ribbon Bike Rack Co., insures smooth and aesthetic curves on The Ribbon Bike Rack. Press bending leaves an indentation; other methods flatten outer curves and crimp inner curves.

A A A RIBBON Bike Rack Co.,
Div. of Brandir International, Inc.

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